There are many ways to volunteer at the SPCA.

​Are you looking for a way to help your community? If so, volunteer at the SPCA.  There are opportunities to help with Facility Maintenance, Outdoor Maintenance, Dog Walking, Dog Care, Feline Care, Fundraisers, Events, or Pet Adoptions. 

Facility maintenance – this includes interior and exterior sweeping and mopping, window cleaning, and garbage disposal, cleaning/organizing the kitchen, cleaning out the refrigerator, laundry, organizing shelves or storage areas.

Outdoor maintenance – tending to plants, lawn care, weeding, poop scooping, spider webs.

Dog walking – These volunteers must be patient and attentive. They must be able to walk the dogs around the premises while using proper techniques to manage the dogs taught to you by the staff of the Kings SPCA Halfway Home Volunteers are also taught proper use of collars and leashes.

Dog care - bathing, grooming, trimming nails, socializing the dogs.

Feline care – refilling food and water, changing water and food bowls if needed, scooping litter if needed and socializing the cats.       

Fundraisers, Events or Pet Adoptions

Office Work - filing, paperwork, newsletter.

Other - For more information please contact us at the Kings SPCA Halfway Home.

Community Service Hours - Contact the shelter Office for more information.

Becoming a Board Member - Fill out an application and turn it into the shelter office.​